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Should I fix my iPhone? Ipswich iPhone Repair. The simple answer to this question is yes – absolutely. If your iPhone can be fixed, then do it. Not only will it save you money on a new handset, but it’s a good socially responsible decision too.  iPhone has reported a fall in profits for its most recent quarterly report. The past few quarters have shown a fall in profit margins for the tech giant. In 2017, Apple made the decision to develop economy versions of their famous smartphones. But despite these efforts, leading to the iPhone XR – a cheaper version of the iPhone X – and a mere snip at £650 per unit.

Repair your iPhone

However, while Apple considers this quandary and scratches it’s iPhone head to find a solution to the slow sales, we at Acefast couldn’t be happier. Don’t get us wrong. We love iPhones. The tech, the styling, the iOS system is sheer brilliance. But, what these falls in sales mean, is that people are keeping their iPhones for longer.

For the long-term health of the planet, that can only be great news. Last year, an estimated 52 million tonnes of e-waste was generated by the US alone. Only 18% of that was properly recycled, and the rest ended up in landfills in Asia and Africa. The largest contributors to the e-waste problem are discarded computer and smartphone parts and units.

This is a huge global problem – and one we, as small operators, do our best to help contain. By keeping computers and tech in circulation for a longer period, we help prevent those units from ending up on the growing e-waste sludge pile.

More iPhone user repair

A recent report by Tech Radar found that China and the Asian market is experiencing the biggest slowdown when it comes to iPhone purchases. This new buying behaviour sees users holding on to their handset models for longer because they have invested so much in them. Customers are keeping their iPhones for two years or more, rather than buying new. This is good news for the planet and the repairman. But it is causing Apple challenges to their development and design budget.

While the iPhone XR meant sales rose by 20 million in China in 2018, there was still a large decline in sales overall in the region.

Does this mean iPhone and Apple need to rethink their strategy and start bringing out cheaper iPhones on a more regular basis?

This could ultimately be their strategy as they are profit, rather than cause-driven. However, the way the market is going in terms of repairs and longevity of handsets, we think they’d better place try another tactic.

New iPhone production

iPhone has always sat atop the smartphone throne. Yes, now there are hundreds of rivals in the form of Android smartphone makers – and Samsung has always been Apple’s prime adversary. But, bringing out cheaper iPhones, surely, will cheapen what is primarily considered to be a premium brand.

A new strategy Apple could adopt would be to only release new handsets every two years. As their tech is always above and beyond what we tend to see in the Android market (Samsung notwithstanding) concentrating on pure quality and development of the product could be the way forward.

As far as recycling goes, Apple is one of the good guys too. They recently implemented green energy policies for all their manufacturing plants, and they do offer recycling services and trade-ins at all their stores. This means your well-maintained iPhone can save you money on your next-gen version.

However, this is not just a good gesture by them. Apple makes a cool profit on your old iPhones, by reconditioning them at cost and re-selling them on the second-hand market. It’s a sensible business model that keeps their handsets in circulation for a longer period.

However, more needs to be done in terms of smartphone over-production in general. If Apple leads the way with a massive innovation every 18 months to two years, it won’t be long till other tech giants start following suit.

Repair, recycle and re-use your iPhone

This means fewer new smartphones being released, customers keeping their phones longer, repair services encouraging a less disposable attitude to devices, and Apple having a greater focus on extraordinary tech development. This would be as opposed to their current situation, where new products, with slightly better, but not mind-bogglingly so features are frequently released into an already too full market.

If you have one, or even several old smartphone devices that need repairs, and you’re not sure what to do with them, why not bring them along to our repair centre in Ipswich, and we’ll give you a few ideas on what can be done to fix or recycle them.

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